Design Your Dream Wedding Planning Kit

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So you're what?! You've announced it to all of your friends and family, officially changed your Facebook status, and had a huge party to celebrate with all your loved ones, but what comes next? Thinking about a budget and the guest list and the venue and the catering and the cake and the invitations is starting make your head spin, am I right?!


This wedding planner is for newly engaged couples and/or brides ready to begin planning their wedding day with ease. It's a guide to help make planning the perfect wedding less stressful and more awesome!

Francoise and Alan

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You can immediately download the FREE 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist (HERE) to help jump start your wedding planning process. It's my gift to you for subscribing to the Weekly Wander!

What is the Design Your Dream Wedding Planning Kit?

You just got engaged to your sweetie and you're ready to begin the wedding planning process, but you have no idea where to start. 

The challenge of planning a wedding feels almost impossible because there are a mountain of decisions that need to be made and you're feeling a bit lost as to where you should begin.

Maybe you don't know exactly what you want to include or omit from your wedding day, and that's OK. These worksheets and planning pages can help you figure all that out.

There are a lot of details that can get glossed over because they aren't as fun as others, but it's up to you to prioritize what gets your attention so that forgotten tasks don't sneak up on you later and stress you out.

The "Design Your Dream Wedding" Planner is finally available to help you put an end to the overwhelm! And you can now get it for only 29.99. 

Do you want to plan your wedding day with ease? Wondering where to start with the planning process? This is it!

• 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist with over 100 items

   » 12 to 9 month wedding checklist with 35 items

   » 8 to 6 month wedding checklist with 21 items + 13 blank spaces

   » 5 to 4 month wedding checklist with 22 items + 13 blank spaces

  » 3 to 1 month wedding checklist with 21 items + 17 blank spaces

  » 1 week to go wedding checklist with 13 items + 31 blank spaces

• "Our Wedding Vision" Planning Guide + Worksheets

• Tips for Choosing Wedding Vendors

• 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Wedding Planning

• 7 Master Wedding Budget Worksheets

• Beautiful Wedding Photos to Inspire You

• Worksheets + Planners to Help Keep You on Track and Organized

  » Wedding Guest List

  » Wedding Party Planner 

  » Wedding Attire Planner

  » Our Wedding Vendors List

  » Ceremony + Reception Planner

  » Ceremony Layout Page

  » Reception + Table Layout Page

  » Reception Seating Planner

  » Food & Drink Planner 

  » Floral Planner 

  » Decor Planner

  » Music Planner

  » Photo + Video Planner

  » Gift Log for Wedding / Showers / Bachelorette Party

  » Wedding Day Timeline Planners + Sample Timeline

  » Honeymoon Planner

  » Honeymoon Packing Planner

  » Wedding To-Do Planner - Blank

  » Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners

Are you ready to START THE ADVENTURE?

While it's ideal to have a year (or more) to plan your wedding day, some people have less time to work with, which is still doable. You just have to work harder and smarter to get more done in a shorter period of time.

I did all of my planning the old-fashioned way with a blank notebook and new gel pen (my favorite) but I thought that it would be helpful to share with you my method and approach to planning your wedding day with less stress.

Using my graphic design background, years of wedding photography experience, and knowledge gained from planning my own budget wedding, I wanted to make a resource using beautiful design coupled with practical advice and easy-to-follow worksheets to streamline the process and make it more awesome!

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You can immediately download the FREE 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist (HERE) to help jump start your wedding planning process. It's my gift to you for subscribing to the Weekly Wander!

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Design Your Dream Wedding Planning Kit

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